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Positions: Marketing, sales and distribution, branding, revenue management, inflight retail
Locations: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and various locations in Asia and the Pacific.

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One of Asia’s most recognised brands

Just because we’re well known, that doesn’t stop us from finding new ways of growing it. We continue to be seen as a leader in digital marketing, especially on social media.


We’re ‘Travel Enablers’

We’ve won awards for our innovative marketing campaigns. As ‘Travel Enablers’ we make AirAsia accessible to a multitude of travellers from solo female travellers to adventure holidaymakers.

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Santan, sport and social responsibility.

Our passion goes beyond our destinations. From ensuring cool inflight experience for our guests, offering support for our Dare to Dream athletic ambassadors!


Price points and revenue streams.

We pioneered low-cost seat pricing. We’re now driving revenue better by integrating data, machine learning, cloud computing, and scaling across the whole enterprise.