What’s your career destination?

AirAsia is about dreaming the impossible and believing the unbelievable. We’re passionate about our mission “Now Everyone Can Fly” – and that includes your career. So, Dare to Dream: Where would you like to go with us?



Positions: Software engineers, technologists, data scientists, product managers, data engineers, application testers
Locations: Malaysia, India, Singapore and various locations in ASEAN.

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Data and technology to improve guest experience and build new services.

We’re integrating our data and integrating AI/ML and other cutting-edge solutions into every aspect of our business and work culture to serve our guests better.

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Even lower fares.

Beyond optimising our flight pricing algorithm, we’re constantly digitalising different areas of the business for the benefit of our guests.


Less wasted journey time.

We want to make travelling seamless. Innovations we’re working on include Malaysia’s first biometric facial recognition technology in Senai Airport.

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Personalised experience.

The best kind of experience is one that is designed around you. We want to make it even easier for our guests to customise their flight experience and make better travel decisions.


Frictionless travel.

The way we travel will continue evolving. What’s important is that we make our guests happy. We’re developing tech to enable us to respond instantly to their needs anywhere in any language at any time.