It’s a huge mission, but we’ve never tried anything that is easy.
— Tony Fernandes

AirAsia has been at the forefront of innovation since we were established in 2001. We were founded on a dream: to make flying affordable for everyone. To do this we pioneered the simple, smart and efficient low-cost airline model in Asia.

Today, we want to make frictionless digital travel a reality for everyone. This means tapping the potential of our data with technology to

  • Lower fares even more. Beyond optimising our flight pricing algorithm, we’re constantly digitalising different areas of the business for the benefit of our guests. This includes using ambient tech in our duty-free warehouse to reduce operational costs by tracking the movement of items and minimising wastage.

  • Waste less journey time. We want to make travelling seamless. Innovations we’re working on include Malaysia’s first biometric facial recognition technology in Senai Airport. FACES removes the need for travel documentation from check-in to boarding. We are also pushing this to be used for airport crowd movement

  • Personalise travel. The best kind of experience is one that is designed around you. We want to make it even easier for our guests to customise their flight experience down to the nitty-gritty.Using data well and securely, we want to anticipate their needs and enable them to make better decisions.

  • Make our guests happier. The way we travel will continue evolving. What’s important is that we make our guests happy through relevant insights, personalised engagement and ambient technology – to respond instantly to our guests and assist them quickly and consistently, in any language at any time.



AirAsia is a people company. In our offices, everyone shares the same open space. Everyone eats and hangs out together. No-one is above queuing for coffee or food. Success is about getting along and working with people at all levels. You will work hard; but you will also be able to play hard and replenish your Allstar spirit!


Allstars Do Good

A set of programmes that connects Allstar volunteers with good causes, including social enterprises supported by the AirAsia Foundation. These take place in different countries, giving volunteers the opportunity to travel while doing good!


RedQ Physio Lab

Every Allstar has access to free physiotherapy at our RedQ office and check-ups. The lab is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art machines and apparatus to get you back on your feet!

RF20170927_RedQ Cafe-103.jpg

Feed well

Many of our offices have a cafeteria and a convenience store. Depending on where you are, your daily Free Munch will cover your choice of different menus from local to Western, salads and sandwiches.


Lil’ Star Childcare

Our childcare centre at RedQ is about bringing convenience to our Allstar working parents and enriching their children’s early years through well-planned programmes and extra-curricular activities.



Spending time with and walking our adopted dogs are one of the favourite things about going to work for many Allstars. These are their “happy pills” when days are stressful.

RF20170927_RedQ Gym-103.jpg

Energy Lab

Open 24-7, the lab is a cool, dynamic modern gym with full facilities. Weights, machines, ropes and a mini-studio will get your heart pumping. Allstars can use the gym at any time of the day.