It has always been about the people.
— Tony Fernandes

Dare to Dream

From the day AirAsia was established, we have sought to bring dreamers on board our journey.

You have the complete freedom to initiate ideas, thrive and travel. “Now Everyone Can Fly” applies as much to our Allstars as they do to our guests.

Check out what Allstars have to say about life with AirAsia.


“Since I’ve been working in AirAsia, I’m lucky enough to say I love my job and mean it. There are plenty of career opportunities across the group as long as you are passionate to learn and work hard.”

- Amanda Wong

“AirAsia truly cares about Allstars’ career growth. I began as a check-in staff at the airport; today I’m a business development manager who looks after scheduling, network planning and airline regulatory affairs.”

- Tanus Kerdsombut (Dome)

Get to know AirAsia's Group Head of Branding, Rudy Khaw, on his coffee run at RedQ.

In the pilot episode of #AskAnAllstar, 8-year-old Wen Ping asks Capt Rajesh Gill some really tough questions. A must-see for curious kids, kids-at-heart, and anyone interested in flying.

I’m the first female captain of an Airbus 330 in Thailand. I started out as a cabin crew before joining AirAsia’s cadet pilot programme in 2005. Being able to do a job I love is a privilege I have everyday.

- Captain Suwapich Wongwiriyawanich


“I was the first female in my flying school. Having the support of AirAsia has allowed me to aim higher and dream bigger.”

- Captain Aquila Ismail

The store room is not a place where you'd expect to find AirAsia Foundation's Executive Director but that's where we caught Yap Mun Ching busy at work.

RF20181210_Career Website-102.jpg

“The best thing about AirAsia is the feeling that my work really matters and has a direct impact on our guests.”

- Jonathan Sanjay

RF20181206_Allstars Career-100.jpg

“AirAsia provides a world of career opportunities because our leaders recognise our people. This drives me to further enhance the deliverables of airports, call centres, customer experience and customer happiness to our guests.”

- Kesavan Sivanandam


One airasia

It doesn’t matter if you’re Japanese or Javanese, Bangalorean or Singaporean, Thai or Pinoy – we’re all One AirAsia.

People First

We don’t believe in being exclusive or treating different people with different levels of respect. We are a strong believer in diversity.

Make it Happen

In 2001, we bought over two planes, 200 people and million of dollars of debt. Instead of asking, “Why should we?”, we asked “Why not?”


People entrust us with their lives. We take that responsibility very seriously.


AirAsia started with a dream: making it affordable for anyone to fly. What’s your dream?

Be Guest Obsessed

We ask ourselves whether we would fly on our own airlines. Think like a guest and strive for a frictionless travel experience.